Always running away
Pretending like the end means something
When I have no idea where I’m going
And I’m just running
Because it’s the only thing I know how to do
It’s the only thing that feels right
In a world based on broken loves and
Broken people pretending they’re okay
Like cars on a highway
Going the same direction together
But different destinations
Continuing on from place to place
But always running.



What is the point of all of this

And why do I need and answer

To this question.


My apartment hallway smells like ramen and weed on more occasions than it doesn’t. I’d rather pick the ramen smell but I knownotsbworse for you. Kids run down the hallway at all the times it seems I’m trying to sleep. But I love it here. I’m too stubborn to buy a house. I’m terrified of being stuck down somewhere. Or maybe I’m just waiting for “the one” whatever that means anymore.